Tabernacle Church of God Pillar And Ground Of The Truth. Inc. - Company Message
Through the prompting, leading and direction of God, the Holy Spirit, on July 11, 1976, Bishop E. Henri-Mundle and his wife, Evangelist  Lurline Henri-Mundle, answered the call of God to launch "The Tabernacle Full Gospel Church”.   With a few invited guests, services were held and conducted in the White Plains Y.M.C.A., at Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, New York , County of Westchester.             
On October 1, 1976, we had our first baptism, with three candidates baptized.  On the same day the church was organized with seven members.  It became clear that after one year we were compelled to move to other quarters.  An alternative place of worship were almost impossible to find in this city.  Therefore, with the unanimous decision of the members which was now about twelve, we rented a store at 4755 White Plains road, Bronx, New York , and there we conducted services for the next two years and three months. 
During this time the hand of the Lord was stretched out with us and many were saved, baptized in water and filled with the Holy Ghost.  In 1979 incorporation under the name of “The Tabernacle Full Gospel Church, Inc. “ was done. In 1980 a permanent place of worship was purchased at 853 East 221 Street, Bronx, New York 10467.  Again the spirit of the Lord came upon Bishop E. Henri-Mundle, and moved him to motivate the members to build a proper sanctuary for the glory of God.  This was to be a work of faith, for then we had only fifty thousand dollars, approximately in hand.  The estimated cost for completing the sanctuary was half million dollars. God was with us all the way.  He strengthened the hearts of His people and they rally to the task which was set before them and finished the work. On April 12, 1987 we moved into the completed part of the sanctuary, and dedicated it to the glory of God.  We were nine years in building and can truly say, “Hitherto Hath The Lord Helped us, there hath not failed one word of all His promise”.  
In 1986, “The Tabernacle Full Gospel Church, Inc.” located at 853 East 221 Street, Bronx, New York , began mutual fellowship with “Church of God Pillar and Ground of the Truth, Inc., located at 437 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In 1988, the Pastor and President of the Church of God Pillar and Ground of the Truth, the late Evangelist Iris Shaw, contacted Bishop E. Henri-Mundle and expressed strong desire to establish a meaningful affiliation, with “Tabernacle Full Gospel Church”. After faithful discussions on both sides Bishop E. Henri-Mundle and the Officers of Tabernacle Full Gospel Church, agreed to meet with the late Pastor Iris Shaw and the officers of the Church of God Pillar and Ground of the Truth, in Toronto, Canada.  On the 25 day of February 1989, a meeting was held at 437 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to discuss the terms of affiliation. 
Both sides were unanimous in their decision and were very satisfied and happy for this affiliation.  Sadly missed is Evangelist Iris Shaw, who insighted this affiliation, as she was promoted to glory, and called to come up higher to be in the presence of her Lord. Bishop E. Henri-Mundle therefore, called the Board of Directors of both assemblies together and suggested that in order to make a more meaningful and lasting united fellowship and affiliation,  to consider operation under the same name. It was unanimously agreed by all parties that this change would be in the best interest of the organization.  Therefore in April 1994 the name of Tabernacle Full Gospel Church, Inc. was changed to Tabernacle Church of God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth, Inc. Presently, there are six churches in the affiliation: the U.S.A., Canada, England and Jamaica.  As the years go by through the power and grace of God we are determined to open new fields wherever the Lord directs, for the building up of His kingdom and the progress of the “Tabernacle Church of God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth”. Amen: To God be the glory.